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Nexus is a full–service website and multimedia design company working for a range of clients.

It specialises in a simple balance of form and function design.

Our product range is varied and we create clean, fast and profitable web–based systems that can give your business a powerful web presence.

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For more information please contact us on: 0131 555 3310

Social Media Integration

Nexus helps you meet the challenges of social media.

Despite the proven benefits of running integrated, cross platform campaigns, there are still a number of companies who do not integrate their social media into their corporate websites.

At Nexus, the integration is carried out while preserving your corporate banding and identity. It helps driving more traffic to your website and creates a hub for your internet communications.

By including third party social media posts in your website too, industry / co-operative news and events can provide your visitors with a wider scope of your company's activities.

For more information please contact us on: 0131 555 3310

Social Networks

Social Network

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